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The prison in black & white

In this workshop the inmates made black and white studio portraits of themselves and with other prisoners with a medium format camera. The working methodology of an analogical format is slow-paced and allows the prisoners to reflect on the way they want to express themselves through visual language.

by - Pau Coll

"I've been in prison for 43 years. My first time was at 13 years old and Franco was not dead yet. Now this is a daycare."

"When I entered the last time, I was in a very bad place, I lived in the street and had overdosed two or three times. The best thing prison gave me has been life because if not, I would already be dead."

"I do not have any fears about leaving, but when I am around people I feel out of place, I create insecurites and paranoia. My intention is to grab a suitcase and get out." 

"Before I didn't like humanity, but after being locked up for so long, I was amazed by everything around me."