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In the Youth Prison of Catalonia live around around 300 youngsters between the ages of 18 and 23. Five of them picked up a camera for a year to tell how is life behind the walls of a prison. One year to talk about darkness, the passage of time, death and freedom. Particularly freedom. “INSIDE” is a journey inside a prison narrated from a first-hand perspective that only a prisoner can get. A radical and honest look that shatters our prejudices about prisons and the people who live in them.

A documentary produced by Soufian, Samuel, Jorge, Abdel and Kamal.

"Inside" has been awarded with the Prize Movistar + to the Best Iberoamerican Documentary in the Festival DOCUMENTAMADRID 2017, and has been finalist in the Festival InDOCumentari de Sabadell. 

by - Pau Coll