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La quinta del chabolo

Albert, Ismael, Eduardo, Julian, Moktar, Samir and Yassine live in prison. They are all between 18 and 23 years old and each day of their lives begins with the same desire as the previous one: survive one more day, count one day less, don't let prison routine take away the desire to live.

This is the story of a prison seen from the eyes of its inhabitants. This is the story of The Fifth Chabolo.

This participatory project is designed and filmed by inmates of the Youth Prison of Catalonia and produced by Pau Coll, Mireia Bordonada and Lara Garroum Fortuny. Awarded with the Consell Municipal de Benestar Social of the media department of the City Council of Barcelona in the television category in 2014.

by - Pau Coll