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Workshop's educational strategy

The goal of our educational workshops is to offer spaces for critical reflection in order to enhance awareness of social phenomenons in the world. We do that through experience and participative methodologies that deal with the topics addressed in our documentary journalism investigations. 

The three main educational purposes of the workshops are:

1. Contributing to the education on global justice about the reality of people that are living in harsh conditions, and who experience recurring human rights violations. 

2. Raising awareness and influencing the political and social responsibilities surounding these phenomenons. 

3. Empowering civil society by giving young adults the necessary skills to acquire the capacity to critically analyze the realities around us.   


by - Laia Gomez

In order to accomplish the educative objectives, we propose two activity formats adressed to formal (highschools, upper education centers) and non-formal education centres (community centers, youth clubs, libraries, etc.):

Actions on critical analysis of the images 

RUIDO Photo offers activities in a workshop / capsule format (2h-4h) where participants work on a critical analysis of the images to deepen into the topic of migration, racism and hate speeches. The workshops are aimed at class groups of formal education centres from 15 years old and up to 25 participants of both formal and non-formal education centres. 

RUIDO Photo offers activities in a workshop format that ranges from 2-4 hours in length. Here, participants work on cultivating a critical analysis of the images in order to deepen their knowledge on topics such as migrations, racism, and hate speech. These workshops are aimed at and designed for both formal and informal educational spaces within the age range of 12-21 years old. 

Actions on co-creation through participative photography

Apart from the capsule short-format of the activities, RUIDO Photo also offers a wider educational project, that consists on a minimum of three sessions (2h each approximately). During the sessions critical image analysis is treated, and there is a deeper reflection on the working topics through the incorporation of participative tools such as the co-creation of the documentary images made by the participants in ther closer surroundings. These activities are also aimed to be offered at formal and non-formal education centres.

In addition, RUIDO offers a wider educational program that consists of 3 sessions that last about 2 hours each. During the sessions, there is a deeper relflection on the topics presented through participatory tools, such as the creation of photos by the participants of their local communities. These activities are also designed to be offered at formal and non-formal educational centers. 

The materials used during the educative activities are photographs and medium/large scale photo exhibitions made by RUIDO Photo, as well as the VR videos made by the journalistic team of the organization.