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Workshops Diputació de Barcelona

During 2018, RUIDO Photo has carried educative actions, that combine photo exhibitions –with materials from RUIDO photographers about racism and migration– and workshops with youths from 13 to 18 years old, financed by Diputació of Barcelona.

The workshops treat the relation between image and migration through photographic and 360º video materials. There, the participants go through and immersive and reflexive process that try to go further than the emotions that arising from the images in order to generate a change in their sights and foster the social transformation. 

by - Laia Gomez

The actions are coordinated by social educator and anthropologist Laia Gómez-Franco Estrella, who uses the documentary material from RUIDO Photo about migration to generate reflection among young people. The activities are carried out in formal and non-formal educational centers in the Barcelona district, in close collaboration with the municipalities of each locality. 

In total, we have conducted six workshops in different municipalities: Cornellà del Llobregat, Castellar del Vallès, Vic, Tiana and Teià. We will keep working on those actions during 2019. 

4/13/2018 -  Activity at Castellar del Vallès

4/26/2018 - Activity at Vic

5/23/2018 - Activity at Tiana

6/22/2018 - Activity at Cornellà de Llobregat

11/20/2018 - Activity at Teià

The activities where co-financed by Diputació de Barcelona.