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Workshop of Critical Image Analysis

Apart from the workshops included in the EpD stock catalogue of the Barcelona Provincial Council, we have conducted more workshops in other schools in capsule format, where we teach about the critical analysis of images.

With two-hour sessions, and groups of 25 to 30 people, the workshop is intended to inform in depth on the subject while also promoting the critical reflection of it, while removing any preconceived ideas about the image.

In this way, a participatory methodology deals with topics such as "Migration and the Media" and "Forced to Migrate," with the aim of problematizing preset judgments.

With the use of smartphones, 360o videos and virtual reality goggles, the workshop intends to allow students to experience the situations and sensitize them in terms of these themes. In turn, they are informed about the topics covered with the aim to allow understanding the difference between information and knowledge.

During 2018, we held three capsule workshops in Barcelona and Pamplona.

by - Laia Gomez