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On the road

Each year, about 300,000 undocumented Central Americans cross Mexico in an attempt to reach the United States. This trip, about 4,000 kilometers, is traveled mostly by way of the back of freight trains known as "The Beast." Kidnappings, murders, rapes and amputations caused by the train wheels are an everyday occurrence on this trip and has led to the humanitarian crisis portrayed below.

(This project culminated in the book On the Road and Migrants Who Do Not Matter and the documentary Mary in No Man's Land).

by - Toni Arnau - Edu Ponces

"This is the most difficult place to pass."

These are the third-class migrants, those who don't matter, those traveling in train, those who cross Mexico without a 'coyote.'

Jessica left Honduras in the middle of 2008 while pregnant. She gave birth to her daughter while crossing Mexico.

"Whore, Whore, you are going to learn, you are a lousy central american and here you are worth nothing!"

"We would have to extend the net to the sea if we wanted to hang a cross for every dead person in this desert."

"Those people only look for work, a better life, but I cannot let them go through."