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On the Road. Photography book

This book collects more than 100 images of the trip RUIDO Photo photographers took while accompanying the undocumented migrants each year as undocumented immigrants crossing Mexico to try and read the United States. This trip, about 4,000 kilometers, is traveled mostly by the way of the back of a freight train known as " The Beast". Kidnappings, murders, rapes and amputations caused by the train wheels are an everyday occurrence on this trip and has led to the humanitarian crisis seen. (This book includes photographs of RUIDO Photo and Eduardo Soteras) Este libro fue parte del proyecto “En el camino” junto con el libro de crónicas “Los migrantes que no importan” y el documental “María en tierra de Nadie”.

Published with BLUME Editorial in 2010. Best Photography Book 2010 in the Picture of the Year Iberoamerican.


by - Roger P Gironès - Toni Arnau - Edu Ponces