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People without housing, houses without people

This is project includes a research and photographic report on the violation of the right to housing in Catalonia by international economic powers. Since the economic crisis of 2008, banks and investment funds have been hoarding properties in the hands of the State and Spanish banks. They have obtained a sufficient housing portfolio to influence the rental price and create a new bubble. In response, various social movements have emerged to pressure the Spanish and regional governments to create laws to protect the right to housing, although these are still insufficient.

This investigation by Alicia Fàbregas with photographs by Bruna Casas is part of the project on rogue capitalism carried out by the organizations Vía Campesina, Grupo de Trabajo sobre Tierra y Territorio CIP, Universidad Campesina UNICAM Suri, FIAN and RUIDO Photo.

Find the research report here and the full photographic report here.

by - Bruna Casas

"We have lost our house and our freedom. After 12 p.m. you can't enter anymore, I can't bring a friend or make myself dinner. What kind of life is this, are we second-class citizens?"

"I've lived all my life in this country, I've paid my taxes, I've even bought a house! And now this, here, my house, they've taken my house from me! This is my home, where my memories are."

"We want to live here, pay our rent and be left alone. They can offer me as much money as they want, but I'm not leaving here."