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CIE: Liminal process

Intervention of the Centro Cívico Casa Orlandai in the neighborhood of Sarrià, as part of the festival DOCfield16 in Barcelona. Giant versions of the portraits from the project ‘Los rostros del CIE’ were printed, which was about immigrants that have suffered some type of abuse in the Centros de Internamiento de Extranjeros de España. The images, installed during the two months in this civic center, are a passing point in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Barcelona.

by - Pau Coll - Roger P Gironès

"I told them that I was not well, that they needed to take me to the doctor, that I couldn't eat, that I couldn't sleep, that I couldn't do anything. I spent a long time telling them to take me to the hospital, but they didn't want to." Mamadou Balde, Senegal.

"They did not warn me of anything, everything at the last moment and as the people laughed. They tied me like an animal, like a pig they tied me." Salvador Adolfo, Argentina