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The Backway - La Vanguardia

These pieces from The Backway have been published in national and international media, as well as long-running pieces printed in La Vanguardia. This set of works, produced by Xavier Aldekoa and RUIDO Photo, capture the story of those looking to reach Europe through one of the most dangerous migration routes in the world.

With the National Geographic grant, "Documenting Human Migrations," we traveled more than 7,000 km across seven countries– a three-year work that resulted in 11 publications.

To read more, click on the following stories:

— Magic smoke in Gambia to reach Europe
— Bamako, central migrant station
— The road of fear between Niger and Nigeria
— Slaves in the Sahara
 Europe or nothing
— The lives suspended
— Trafficked in the sand
— The dead that inhabit me
Tunisia, the backyard of Europe's migration
The invisible war of Karim
The ship of broken women



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Ortega and Gasset Prize Mentions

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by - Pau Coll - Edu Ponces