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National Geographic Grant: The Backway

After finishing the first part of our project "The Backway" in 2018, the National Geographic Society chose RUIDO Photo to receive the Documenting Human Migrations grant. "The Backway" chronicles, from start to finish, the main migratory route from Africa to Europe.

After the first two years of photo documentation, the National Geographic Society Committee for Research and Exploration provided the funding for our photographers to continue their work on the origins, transit sites and destinations of this migration for another year. 

Because of this grant, our photographers Edu Ponces, Pau Coll and Toni Arnau, along with experienced journalists Xavier Aldekoa and Agus Morales, will travel back to the African continent to show new chapters of the route. This time they will cover Ethiopia, Algeria and a destination country like Spain. While there, the journalists will work to continue learning the human stories behind the migration.

by - Pau Coll - Roger P Gironès - Toni Arnau - Edu Ponces