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Dark Land

The three most violent countries in Central America have an average homicide rate of 55 per 100,000 inhabitants, five times higher than the level which the World Health Organization considers as, pandemic. This project aims to raise awareness and speak out about arguably the most worrying issue in Central America today: the crisis of violence.

by - Pau Coll - Edu Ponces

No less than 15 gang members violated Magaly Peña in more than three hours, but that is perhaps the least important part of the story. 

Beginning of the chronicle "Yo, violada" by Roberto Valencia. Published on www.elfaro.net

The Central American governments have lost a large part of control of the prisons. In many cases, the criminals are the ones that have the real control.

Central America is the region that has the most violence that isn't in war. Also, it's a region with the largest economic inequality.