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Without Water in a Rainy Country

In El Salvador it rains three times more than in London. However, 1 out of 10 people don’t have access to water in their homes and for the other 9 the quality is not guaranteed. 95% of the surface waters in El Salvador are of poor quality. El Salvador has water, but it wastes it.

This report was produced together with journalist Majo Siscar and thanks to the financial support of Devreporter grant offered by NGO Lafede.cat.

by - Pau Coll

In Huizacar three quarters parts of the community have no access to potable water. A kilometer and a half away from the village, the third golf course of the country is under construction

Daysi spends her day off helping with the construction of a communal well. She hopes that one day she will have a tap and a sink in her house, like the ones where she works.

Lidia faced lack of water because of the mining industry in El Salvador. Due to her hard public repudiation, she received several threats until in 2012 they killed her son.

Wilfredo Ordóñez suffers chronic kidney failure, the most deadly disease in the country, due to contaminated water by agrochemicals nearby the tropical plantations where he used to work.