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Illustrated Archive of Hate

Blows, insults, assaults, abuse, humiliation, violence, hatred. 
In Catalonia there are racist attacks every day. 
The Illustrated Archive of Hate collects and tells the stories of the victims. It makes visible the existing forms of racism to combat the concealment of this reality.

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by - Roger P Gironès - Toni Arnau

"We are fed up with the black people and if you don't like how you are treated then you can go back to your country," a Calafell police officer said.



"When they forced me into the patrol car they told me: 'you don't know what's coming, babe.'"




"A policeman was following me on his motorcycle yelling at me: 'stop, stop, stop, you fucking black!'"


"This Muslim bitch needs to hurry up," a women snapped behind her in line for the train.