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The Extreme Europe - Revista 5W

RUIDO Photo, in collaboration with Revista 5W, elaborated the special, The Extreme Europe, about the rise of the far right in Europe and the use of hate speech before the European elections of May 2019. The RUIDO Photo team ran two reports.

In "Balkans: The Invisible Wall of Europe," photographer Pau Coll portrayed the situation migrants and refugees experience on the Balkan-Croatia border, the gateway to the EU. There, several testimonies reported stories of beatings and abuses by the Croatian police.

In "Immigration and Power: Orbán's Hungary," Clara Roig explains how Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has used hate speech against immigrants to take power and the direct consequences of the Hungarian asylum system.

The special features two more pieces, "Salvini first," by journalist Maribel Izque, and a video made with CIDOB that explains the presence of the far right in European institutions.

by - Pau Coll