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Three years. Eleven countries. Hundreds of people. A book.

The Backway is a journalistic project that for three years has followed the African migration routes and documented the reality of hundreds of people in eleven countries. Agus Morales, Clara Roig, Xavier Aldekoa and the photographers of RUIDO Photo have covered through texts and images the clandestine routes that lead to Europe.

From now on it has become something else.

Laia Abril, one of the most prestigious contemporary visual artists, has reinterpreted all the documentary work by exploring an essential concept in the exercise of journalism and the coverage of migrations: doubt.

And all of this has been collected and transformed by Roger P. Gironès, a designer that has two POY LATAM awards for Best Photography Book.

This is how The Backway project is now reborn in the form of a book.

by - Pau Coll - Roger P Gironès - Toni Arnau - Edu Ponces