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Various projects

RUIDO Photo has carried out several other projects, all of them published in various media outlets.

Some of the projects are:

Elections and violence in Honduras

Honduras is one of the most violent countries in the world. There, RUIDO Photo ran reports that reflect the reality of a country with the highest homicide rates.

The most violent region in the world, in images
Honduras, key frontier for drugs to the United States
Surviving the Maras: fear as a way of life
— Honduras: Hernández takes on the world's most violent country
— A city turned into a morgue
— A telenovela candidate
— God also decides the elections in Honduras



"Sick of technology" collects testimonies from people intolerant to everyday things in today's world such as cell phones or even perfume. This work exposed aspects that hinder their day-to-day life. 

— Sick of technology

The faces of CIE:

RUIDO Photo published two reports that reflect the reality of Foreign Internment Centers (CIE), through testimonies of those who lived it.

— Before and after internment
 From health insecurity to police violence


Rosa vroom


Africa in feminine:

RUIDO Photo tells the story of Jankey Jassey, the story of women overcoming obstacles and fighting against gender roles present in their community.

— The girl who wanted to challenge the sun

The migrant caravan:

Through Edu Ponces' photographic chronicle, the story of the refugee caravan that stood at the door of its goal is made public.

The photographs reflect the reality of the refugees, immersed in the uncertainty of what will bring them to the other side of the wall, in the hopes of finding a better life.

— The refugee caravan hits a wall


Pau Coll coordinated this project, carried out by prisoners of the Brians II prison and the youth prison of Catalonia. Through this work, the inmates made their own portraits during 2017.

"Inside" has several mentions in both national and international media:

— Inauguration exhibition "Inside, prisoners photograph prisoners"
— Interview with Pau Coll, coordinator of the project


El Periódico

— Portraits in captivity (Spanish / Catalan)


— Prisoners photograph prisoners (Spain / Brazil)


The Pati Llimona is filled with portraits of 20 prisoners

Illustrated archive of hate

This project collects and tells the stories of its victims, making racism visible as a way to combat its concealment.

"Illustrated archive of hate" has been mentioned in various media:

— PlayGround
La Vanguardia 
— Sosracisme.eu
— Casalargentino.org
Fundación Hugo Zárate
— Universitat de Barcelona


Citizen Photobooth

This exhibition, hosted in Palma de Mallorca, was the product of a participatory photography project carried out by RUIDO Photo and promoted by Art for Change, La Caixa.

— Europa Press
— La Vanguardia 
— Diario de Mallorca 


Mentions in the radio

Ràdio 4: Llibres, píxels y valors 15 years of RUIDO Photo, surviving in the world of human rights and documentary image.

by - Pau Coll - Toni Arnau - Edu Ponces