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Sahara: A Blind Heritage

Nearly 175,000 Sahrawis of the former Spanish colony of Western Sahara fled the area during the invasion of Morocco and Mauritania. They lived in the Tindouf Hammada Refugee Camps refugee camps in Algeria for more than 40 years. This area is a large plateau and is considered some of the most arid land on earth. RUIDO Photo held a participatory workshop with young people in 2009 in the camp of l'Aaiun: one of the five camps where the Saharawis live in exile.

by - Pau Coll

This participatory photo project was made with a group of children between the ages of 9 and 12 over a three week period. None of the children had ever touched a digital camera before.


The conditions in the Alergian hamada are very rough, temperatures during the day reach 45 degrees and drop down to zero at night. Without running water or electricity, they depend solely on international humanitarian organizations.