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The First Covid ICU

On February 25, 2020, the first COVID patient on the Iberian Peninsula was admitted to an Intensive Care Unit, the AVI of the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona. A year later, the professionals of this unit allowed a photographer to follow them through their work for 8 days.

We published an article in El Diario: If the pandemic is a war, the health workers are the soldiers
We published an article in El Diario: 25-F: A year of pandemic in the first Covid ICU

by - Edu Ponces

"Saying goodbye is as important for those who live as it is for those who are going to die."

"Some say that a mental health pandemic is coming now. Of patients and health workers."

"When a person has just died, I take it home with me. And I dream about it. And I have all the noises and beeps of this place stuck in my head."

"This is the first ICU that was filled and the last that is going to be emptied... if one day this pandemic ends".