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The Dark Land - El Faro

For years, RUIDO Photo worked with Salvadoran newspaper El Faro on the Dark Land project (Sala Negra). This project seeks to deepen the biggest problem of today's Central America: The Violence Crisis.

Numerous reports were published, including four photographic works that reflect the daily life of violence: a hospital which acts like a prison, a doctor whose routine revolves around homicides and violence against the LGBTQIA community in Honduras.

These are some of the works published in El Faro, where they are featured in a multimedia special:

— The hospital with bars
— The last doctor
— Mariona's night
— Custodians of the virus


In addition, some of the reports were also published in other media:


The last doctor
The most violent region in the world


Photographs taken during those years have also been part of the CEAR campaign: "Maras, war not found" on Central American refugees over gang violence.


Various media outlets have mentioned RUIDO's work in Central America:

— Yorokobu
— Biennal de Fotografía
— La República Cultural
— La isla inexistente
— Medium
— La República Cultural
La isla inexistente

by - Pau Coll - Edu Ponces