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16 Neighborhoods, Thousand Cities

These two works by Edu Ponces in Ciutat Meridiana and Toni Arnau in Torre Baró show the daily life of two suburbs of Barcelona that have been historically marginalized from the rest of the city.

Edu Ponces' work in Ciutat Meridiana focuses on the struggle of the neighborhood against the continuous evictions and the cultural and religious diversity of the neighborhood. Toni Arnau's project in Torre Baró shows the depopulation the neighborhood suffers and how life continues despite all the troubles.

The photographs are part of a commission from the Obervatori de la Vida Quotidiana for the exhibition "16 Neighborhoods, Thousand Cities," promoted by Pla de Barris de l'Ajuntamente of Barcelona. The project includes the work of ten photographers in 16 Barcelona neighborhoods and aims to show the problems the neighborhoods suffer as well as their social transformation.

by - Toni Arnau - Edu Ponces