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Raval Indoor

At the request of various associations, street installations were installed in the neighborhood Raval in Barcelona. The project involved photographing and interviewing residents of the neighborhood and then placing their images on the streets. This exercise was meant to show appreciation to the people in this tourist and nightlife neighborhood. The work included opinions from neighbors about the neighborhood. This project was completed with the support of the Raval Cultural Project of the City of Barcelona.


by - Pau Coll - Roger P Gironès - Toni Arnau

"They got confused and believed I'm from here. I'm from Peru, but I adapted."

Adelina Pérez Álvarez

Peru. Pensioner

15 years in el Raval


My son was sick and a 90-year-old man stayed with my other son, the whole night holding his hand. That I will not forget my whole life."

Lala Fouzia. Morocco.

3 years living in el Raval

"Now the neighborhood is cleaner but the people before were more warm. Now nobody knows anyone."

Vicenç Cervera. Catalunya. Ex futbol player and ex kitchen aid

45 years living in el Raval