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Ale Cukar
Text and Journalism

Studied Communication Sciences at the  Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), and journalism at Taller Escuela Agencia (TEA). She was given the scholarship for postgraduate research  “Conocimiento, ciencia y ciudadanía en la sociedad de la información” at the Universidad de Barcelona. She worked as an editor at Editorial Perfil of Buenos Aires for three years. In the audiovisual field, she worked as a freelance producer for the program Puntodoc, and did the general production and journalistic work of the short documentary “Rep, un okupa en el Malba”. Currently, she carries out independent documentary projects and practices as editor and copy editor for different Spanish and Argentinian media, and as editor and chief of 7.7 Revista Digital de Fotografía Documental.

She has published the book “Prono Nuestro” an investigation about the world of pornography in Argentina together with Daniela Pasik.